Concepts of Marketing Mix

Marketing mix indicates the strategies for creating and carrying out exchanges and reaching the target markets for the product distribution promotion and priceThe marketing mix is a collection of important variables and solutions that allow consumers to meet (national) requirements and meet the company’s objectives. (Pruskus (2015)). Marketing is a complicated array of marketing mix approach variables used in the business that aims to sell their products and services, according to Singh (2016).

Marketing concept , Hand putting wooden cubes blocks which print screen 4P concept include Product Price Place and Promotion wording.

In this IT age, the concept of marketing mix strategy is becoming important in order to maintain the business’s sustainable growth. Every organization that sells something or servicing uses a marketing mix as a tool to support sales, service, and marketing. The marketing mix is a basic model for companies and organizations. The marketing mix is the collection of marketing tools used by the organization to achieve its target marketing goals. 

Organizations need to focus on meeting the needs of consumers rather than selling their products or servicing in order to maintain their business over the long term. To implement this, organizations need to learn adequately well to know what marketing mix strategy they want. Organizations make the maximum profit by creating the service that helps consumers need to increase their customer satisfaction by using the process activities and culture of them; thus, knowing the needs of the consumer becomes the most essential factors to profit from.